Episode #3: A Gorefiend in need is a Gorefiend indeed

July 22, 2017

It's just Devo and Kyerain this week as they look to the past to discuss some great lore within World of Warcraft this week.


- Chronicle Version 3 news and speculation

- More 7.3 Soundbytes.


- TerronGorefiend and the history of the death knights.

- What are the current death knights uo to'?

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Episode #2: Parenting 101 with Chen Stormstout

July 13, 2017

In this week's show, Dev'o, Kyerain and new host Dakota discuss:


- Limit's mythic pullout

- Patch 7.3 datamined broadcast audio.


Filling in Legion's blanks

- Lich King Bolvar and his plans.

- Jaina, and her potential crater sized implications.

- Kul'Tiras

- Sylvanas and Genn "Werewolfman" Greymane


Our first mailbag!

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Episode #1: Khadgar is a dreadlord

July 6, 2017

In todays show we discuss:

- The Mythic Race... Method 7/9 as of the weekend.

- Guldan Easter Egg

- All the juicyness of the 7.3 PTR

and in our lore section...

We talk Titanic Lore... Argus, Sargeras, World Souls, the Void and more!

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